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The Clearanail treatment produces very small micro holes through the nail based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), which allows antifungal medication to reach the infection in high concentration levels. The treatment takes half an hour on average to make the holes.

The procedure does not cause any pain, the device is computer controlled to ensure the nail bed does not become damaged. Only the nail is penetrated, CMP prevents injury to soft tissue. Clearanail is a fully atoumated fail safe system.

Following up your treatment, Lamisil Spray is often recommended which is an antifungal solution and this must be sprayed onto the nail daily. The spray may be applied for up to three months.

What are the advantages of Clearanail?

  • Fast; results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks

  • Effective; holes greatly increase the efficacy of treatments

  • Safe; Simple to use 'Fully automated fail safe system'

  • Pain Free Treatment

  • No damage to the nail or nail bed

  • Only takes 1 hour to complete the Clearanail treatment

What is the diagnostic process?

Your Fungal Nail Solution clinician will take a thorough medical history, consider your risk factors, complete a comprehensive physical examination and use a Diafactory fungal nail test to correctly diagnose your fungal infection which has 99% certainty. A Diafactory fungal nail test involves taking a clipping of your toenail. Taking photos of your infected nails and measure the line of fungal growth from the base of the nail so that your treatment protocol can be monitored over time. 

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will discuss the most appropriate treatment protocol with you and answer any questions that you may have. 

What is the Clearanail treatment process?

At your initial Clearanail treatment session, the nails will be prepared and if necessary reduced in thickness.

The clinician will then drill tiny holes using Clearanail. You should not feel any pain and when the holes are finished, your podiatrist will give you instructions on applying a topical solution, provide you with a tailored hygiene/prevention plan and sanitation for footwear.

Week 8: Review and photos taken to compare to your first visit. Nail debridement will be undertaken if required and if there is still evidence of infection then your clinician may decide to produce more micro holes if required. 

Week 16: Review with additional photos and end of treatment. We assess treatment effectiveness, take final photographs and discuss your after care.

How successful is Clearanail?

Clearanail Pro® is almost 80% successful in treating common nail fungus.

​Results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks.

Contact us for more information about how Clearanail could work for you.