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Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are applied as a lacquer to the affected nails acting against the fungi in the nail and nail bed. The lacquer works by penetrating through the nail and a full cure can be expected in up to 30% of suitable patients.

Disclaimer:​ The success of Rejuvenail is dependent on how severely infected the nail is. A full cure can be expected in up to 30% of people and is not designed to be used on nails that are more than 50% infected OR the infection has reached the Lunula.

What is Rejuvenail?

Rejuvenail is a nail lacquer to treat mild-to-moderate fungal nail infections that does not involve the Lunula. Rejuvenail uses an active ingredient called Ciclopirox which is designed to penetrate through the nail to reach the fungal infection, preventing infection growth and promoting healthy nail growth.

What are the advantages of Rejuvenail?

No filing is required for Rejuvenail, unlike many other topical treatments.

  • Easy to use

  • Once daily application

  • Penetrates the nail

How do I use Rejuvenail?

  1. All nail polish must be removed, and the affected toe must be washed and dried before applying Rejuvenail. We recommend Rejuvenail is applied before going to bed.

  2. Apply a thin layer over the entire infected nail surface, 5mm of surrounding skin and, if possible, under the free edge of the nail.

  3. Allow to dry for at least 30 seconds.

  4. Leave on the nail for at least 6 hours overnight and simply wash off with water in the morning.

Do not apply nail polish or other nail medication on the nails being treated.

How long do I have to use Rejuvenail for?​

We recommend that daily treatment applications are continued until a healthy nail has re-grown. On average, this usually takes about 6 months for a fingernail and 9 to 12 months for a toenail.

Do not be disappointed if you do not see visible improvements in a couple of weeks as nails grow extremely slowly. Fingernails grow on average 2 to 3mm per month and toenails grow 1mm per month.

It is important to continue treatment until nails are clear, otherwise the fungi can continue to infect the nail and the condition could get worse again.

If no healthy nail growth is present after 3 months for a fingernail, or 6 months for a toenail, your clinician may consult with you around other treatment options.

How do I get diagnosed?

Your diagnosis takes place during a consultation with our Foot Foundation clinician. They will take a thorough medical history, consider your risk factors, complete a comprehensive physical examination and use a Diafactory fungal nail test to correctly diagnose your fungal infection. Diafactory fungal nail tests involve taking a clipping of your toenail, taking photos of your infected nails and measuring the line of fungal growth from the base of the nail so we can monitor your treatment over time.

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, your Foot Foundation clinician will discuss the most appropriate treatment protocol with you and answer any questions that you may have.

What is the topical treatment process?

At Foot Foundation, we recommend Rejuvenail for topical treatment applications.

Your clinician will trim, thin and debride your affected fungal nails to prepare them for Rejuvenail treatment. This process is designed to remove as much of the fungal infection as possible to ensure the best success of your Rejuvenail treatment protocol. You will be given important information about appropriate hygiene and prevention protocols to reduce your re-infection rates during and after treatment.

We recommend 8-10 weekly appointments to see your Foot Foundation clinician for regular thinning of your thickened fungal nails as this will make it easier for the Rejuvenail solution to penetrate through the affected nail.

Generally, we assess ongoing progress with review appointments for up to 12 months before being discharged under a topical treatment protocol. During these appointments, we will also take further photos and measurements of your fungal nail infection. This ensures that changes to our patients’ treatment protocols can be done in a timely manner if required.

Contact us to find out if Topical Treatments are right for you.