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Onyfix Nail Bracing

The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

Your Foot Foundation clinician fixes Onyfix to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows. The whole process is pain-free - during application and throughout the entire treatment.

What is Onyfix suitable for?

Onyfix is an alternative to toenail surgery and suitable for:

  • Ingrown nails

  • Pincer nails

  • Split nails

  • Lifted nails

  • Deformed nails

  • Involuted/curled nails

  • Cosmetic corrections

Why choose Onyfix?

  • Pain-free treatment resulting in rapid pain relief

  • Nail correction occurs while it grows, reducing future incidence

  • Effective without exerting force on the nail

  • Can be adapted for individual nail needs and combined with other treatments

  • Suitable for people with diabetes

  • Activities and nail polishes can continue as normal

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